Call Academic Relief Center for a free consultation to learn how we can ease financial burdens with your student-loan debt. If you’ve got student loan debt, we can help.

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What Options Do You Have?

With 1.3 trillion dollars in student loan debt, government agencies have made many programs available. We can determine whether you qualify for The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. It’s complicated to enroll, but call us to see if you qualify by working in a job for the good of our community. After your free consultation call, we may enroll you in an income-based repayment option. With this option, we can restructure student-loan payments so they’re more affordable for you. If you have high student debt, and your income isn’t sufficient to cover your payments, then call

Student Loan Debt and Credit

At ARC, we assist people who’ve been burdened with student-loan debt.

Student Debt Threatens Investing

Recently graduated? Learn know how student debt threatens investing.

What is Student Loan Forgiveness?

Millions rely upon student loans to make it through college.

Lower Student Loan Payments

Like most college graduates, student loan debt is dragging you down.

Consolidating student loans

Are you paying too much for your student loans?

Paying For College Loans

Still paying college loans? Learn how you can restructure your debt.

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